There seems to be a lot of questions/interest in utilizing the JSD 80% insert for a 45 acp build. After multiple google searches on the differences between the small caliber (9mm, 40, 357 sig) models and 45 acp versions there was no consensus on the differences, or whether one insert could be used for the other.  To help answer the question I decided to dive in ad give it a go. I ordered a 45 acp build kit from Chris at F & F Firearms and set off. The below is a picture of the kit I received including FCU components from a 45. Upon receiving theRead More →

For anyone thinking about undertaking the Sig P320 80% I wanted to document the required tools and and steps required to complete the JSD Supply 80% insert. The insert and jig to complete are available directly from JSD as well as F &F Firearms, as well as others I am sure. Tools Needed: -JSD Jig -Deadblow hammer or mallet -Drill Bits: 9mm, 3mm, #9, #22, #39, #40, 7/32″ (these should come with the jig) -Misc files (small flat file and needle file at a minimum) -Dremel with small diamond tip and cutoff wheels -Benchvise -Drill Press Here is how the JSD P320 80%Read More →